Made in the Northwest: Britz Designs

Britz Designs makes two totally different products. They’re both designed to make your life easier, whether you’re relaxing at the lake or trying to feed your family.

And like many companies, Britz Designs started with a simple thought. Bret Britz was sick of weeds around his dock at Sacheen Lake and thought, “Well, there’s got to be a better way to do this.”

So he designed a lake weed removal tool and brought the idea to his longtime friend, and now business partner, Bryan Garrett, who convinced his dad to give it a try.

“He set it down, he looked at me and said, ‘My God. I just did an hour’s worth of work in ten minutes. You boys are onto something. I think you should go for it,” recalled Garrett.

The Weed Ray comes with a six foot pole, but you can add up to three more snap together poles for a total reach of 24 feet.

“You stop, drop it to the bottom, you pull it in and that’s it,” explained Garrett. “So it’s really, really simple to use.”

Britz says the Weed Ray’s small teeth are aggressive enough to pull those weeds out, “But they’re not so aggressive that you can’t get the weed off. So you can turn it one way, the weeds will fall off. Turn it another.”

It also features an adjustable blade and handle.

“The adjustability is endless for people that are either on the shore or on a high dock,” said Britz.

The company’s other product is also about adjustability. Britz bought a Traeger wood fired grill and found it to be amazing as a smoker, but not as a grill.

“So I wanted to be able to get rid of my propane barbeque and just use the Traeger exclusively,” explained Britz.

So he designed the Smok’n Fire accessory grilling kit. It’s made up of five metal parts that fit right into your 22 or 34-inch Traeger.

“You place our product in,” said Garrett. “And now, you have this place in the center where you can grill and sear your food.”

And Britz says you can do so without taking away any of the qualities of a Traeger.

“If you wanted to sear a pork roast, for example, you can sear the outside of it, set it off to the side and then you still get the slow cooking flexion on the Traeger as well.”

“It enhances the way you use your Traeger,” said Garrett. “And I tell you what, you’ll use it twice as much.”

Both the Smok’n Fire and the Weed Ray can be found at the Ace Hardware off of Argonne Rd., The General Store and on Britz Designs’ website. And the partners are currently working on what kinds of products they’ll come up with next.

“There are other rake concepts that we’re talking about. Also other landscaping type products that we’re thinking of,” said Britz. “And then, we’re also looking into fire pits and othe similar type of enjoyment patio type of products.”

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