Made in the Northwest: Brick West Brewing Co.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Brick West Brewing‘s choice of local for its brewhouse and taproom on 1st Ave., between Cedar St. and Adams St., was no accident. It was part of its attempt to revitalize the west end of downtown Spokane.

“And so, combined with the city park that we’re allowed to kind of use as a venue not only, but then just kind of a community gathering point as well. It just got us very excited to be kind of like a little hub for this part of the community,” explained operations manager Brian Carpenter.

And being attached to Fireman’s Park allows Brick West to hold community building events, like its Pints for Parks fundraiser and the West End Summer Series.

“Whether you’re coming down just to see the music or coming down to have a pint and a bite, it’s accessible for all ages, all types,” said Carpenter.

It even has its own running club that meets at the brewery.

Brick West’s German style pilsner is one of its staples. And it believes it’s the only lager focused brewery in the Spokane area.

“And then, on top of that, I think we do it very well,” said head brewer Scotty Shouse. “We try to follow the German approach. Less is more. Simplicity is the best way to go.”

And that approach seems to be working, as more and more people enjoy its beers.

“I think it’s just how it’s balanced and it’s approachable,” said Carpenter. “You don’t need to be a beer connoisseur to enjoy it, but beer connoisseurs will enjoy it.”

Like so many other breweries, Brick West started canning its beer in 2020 to survive the COVID-19 shutdowns. And now, you can find its beer in several local grocery stores. Its most recent distribution deal has Brick West on the shelves in Fred Meyer stores.

“(Fred Meyer) is a big launch for us and that’s just a huge help for us to boost (that) barrelage count,” said Shouse.

Speaking of barrelage, Brick West expects to produce 5,000 of beer next year, which it says makes it the second biggest brewery in Spokane. And it plans to produce even more than that in the not so distant future.

“We’ve got more tanks coming,” said Carpenter. “They’ll be installed here probably in the fall when we slow down a little bit. But very exciting stuff.”

And Brick West knows it has its loyal beer drinkers, both on the west end of downtown and beyond Spokane, to thank for its success.

“It’s been because we’re supported by the community and we’re able to host a venue for the community to kind of collaborate themselves at.”