Made in the Northwest: Anchored Northwest

SPOKANE, Wash. — The spark that started Anchored Northwest came when Megan Dalrymple asked her husband, Brian Dalrymple, to buy her a candle making kit from Hobby Lobby.

“We spent 50 dollars on a little starter kit and that’s kind of how it snowballed,” recalled Megan.

It wasn’t long before their candle making got out of control, becoming a second full-time job for each of them.

“We knew that we either had to jump two feet in or scale it back to almost nothing,” explained Brian.

They chose to jump in, quitting their jobs to go all in on Anchored Northwest.

“Most people now tell us that they thought we were crazy and concerned for us. They were,” laughed Megan. “Our friends and family now tell us they were a little worried about us.”

But it turns out they weren’t crazy at all. The candle company now has ten employees and continues to grow for a few different reasons.

First, its candles are eco-friendly and use 100% all natural soy wax.

“We don’t have any dyes in our candles, we have no paraffin, no phthalates,” added Megan. “It’s clean burning.”

Second, they have an untreated cedar wood wick.

“It burns hotter, it burns cleaner, it burns longer than cotton wick counterparts,” said Brian.

And then, there’s the catchy names for the candles, like Staycation, Bookworm and the pandemic favorite, Quarantine and Chill.

“Things that really resonate with a lot of people, whether it’s a catchy pun, a term they’ve heard of or, as in date night, everybody’s been on a date night,” explained Brian. “So things like that really helped catapult us.”

It’s no stretch to say this candle company is on fire. Anchored Northwest can be found in 550 locations across the United States and in several different countries, including Venezuela, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which Brian said is still hard to believe.

“We’ve thought that millions of times along this journey that it can’t get any bigger and it just keeps getting bigger. So it is mind blowing, but we’re very, very thankful.”

Anchored Northwest recently created the Love You Loads candle with YouTuber Taylor Wynn as a fundraiser for Project Beauty Share. It raised over $60,000 for the Spokane charity.

Anchored Northwest also just announced its Cabin Fever candle will be carried in Bloomingdale’s flagship store in Manhattan and in the retailer’s online store this fall.

“That was something that was really humbling. And wow! That was a wow moment,” said Brian.

The candle company hopes to continue expanding into other countries and getting into more local stores as well.

“Just expanding, but hopefully not too, too fast,” said Megan. “But we love the growth.”

It’s been a meteoric rise for a company that began with a simple starter kit.