Made in the Northwest: 509 Fabrication

Made in the Northwest: 509 Fabrication

Things are definitely heating up for 509 Fabrication in Post Falls. The locally owned, family business manufactures the world’s first Pres-to-Log burning stove.

The stove originated in Frank Reed’s garage in Hayden around 2010, before Dusty Henderson bought the idea from Reed four years later. But it wasn’t until the very end of 2017, after years of testing with the EPA and meeting UL standards, that 509 Fabrication was given the green light to start selling its stoves.

“We’ve tested this stove every which way that you could burn this stove, trying to make it burn dirty, and they couldn’t do it,” says Henderson, the company’s president.

Further validation came in March of 2017 at the National Hearth Patio and Barbeque Show in Atlanta.

“They vote on what they think is the best new marketable product of the year,” explains Henderson. “And we actually came home with that award.”

Henderson says 509’s stove is one of the most fuel efficient in the world. “You’re pulling all of the fuel heat off of the stove, instead of running it out the exhaust pipe outside.”

You simply feed the logs through the top of the stove. So there’s no pitch, no bugs, and no splinters like you’d encounter with a wood stove. And Henderson says there’s almost no clean up either. “It burns all night long on a load of fuel that you don’t have to clean it out but about once every two weeks. It actually vaporizes the fuel.”

509 Fabrication begins its manufactuing process by welding the stainless steel parts for its stoves from start to finish. It then paints everything with a special Senotherm paint from Germany in its own in house paint booth, before stoves are assembled.

“We design our own electrical harness. And then, we’re having a company that’s just across the freeway put those together for us and then we install them on the stove,” says Henderson.

The stoves can used in your home, your shop, or your cabin.

“Wherever you want to put this stove, it’ll heat up to 2,500 square feet. It’s meant to put out a nice, even heat, like a wood stove.”

Priced at just over $3,000, it’s meant to be a lifetime stove.

509 fabrication made its first ever delivery of four stoves to Yakima in early January. It’s the first of what it hopes will be many deliveries in 2018.

“We’ve got dealers and distributors all over the country right now that want to carry this stove,” says Henderson. “We’re just ramping up to start serving them.”

Henderson also hopes to start selling in Europe soon. And he’s working on a log chipper and a some different stove models “that will come to market in probably three to four years. Top secret stuff.”

And that means the heat should stay on for 509 Fabrication for quite some time.