‘Lucky Fall’ festival bringing new life to Spokane’s Vinegar Flats

‘Lucky Fall’ festival bringing new life to Spokane’s Vinegar Flats

If you’ve never heard of Vinegar Flats, chances are you’ve still passed through it.

Once home to sprawling orchards and vinegar plants, the neighborhood, which sits south of Browne’s Addition and east of Highway 195, has almost been forgotten.

“We’re surrounded by natural boundaries – the train, the old highways, these old service stations,” said Celeste Shaw, owner of Chaps restaurant.

The old gas stations caught Shaw’s eye years ago. She bought them and rebuilt on history – filing both with antique treasures.

“It was just meant to be and five years later, here we are with this beautiful little store.”

Those shops have lead to more people exploring and appreciating an area of Spokane that has stayed off the radar.

“Kind of this sweet, quintessential charm of a small town neighborhood,” Shaw said. It has maintained all of these historical buildings and historical homes.”

Shaw started the Lucky Fall Festival three years ago outside her two stores, which are a quarter mile apart along Inland Empire Way. It’s a place for local artists and growers to come together, and families to celebrate the new season, and the new life brought to Vinegar Flats.

More than 6,000 people showed up to the event in 2017 – Shaw is expecting close to 8,000 people this year.

“There will be pumpkin pancakes, great food trucks, cotton candy, balloons, apples, the beautiful wreaths, games, a pie class,” Shaw said. The festival also features free activities for kids like apple bobbing and pumpkin painting. Admission is free.

The festival runs from 10-4 p.m. at 1406 South Inland Empire Way and 1930 South Inland Empire Way.