Loved ones remember 19 year-old girl killed in Highway 395 crash

LOON LAKE, Wash. — Another tragedy has put life into perspective for many people across Eastern Washington.

We’ve learned 19-year-old Jasmine Cogswell was one of three teenagers killed by a head-on crash with a fire truck Monday evening on Highway 395 in Stevens County.

“She was just always there for me,” said Jasmine’s friend, Calibur Spalinger. “She was a really good friend.”

The two of them went to Rogers High School together.

That accident is reminding Spalinger and Jasmine’s other friends just how much those little moments matter.

“I just remember hanging out with her all the time, and being around all our friends and going to the mall together,” Spalinger said.

We still haven’t confirmed the identities of the other two teenagers killed, but Washington State Patrol confirmed they were minors.

It’s not known if any of them were about to graduate, but WSP Trooper Jeff Sevigney said that’s certainly on his mind when seeing these accidents involving teens.

“Certainly brings it home for all of us,” Trooper Sevigney said. “[We] may or may not have kids, but we’re aware of the time of year and the loss. Those kids won’t have the opportunity to do whatever they were supposed to be doing tomorrow or 10 years from now.”

Firefighters told us the car swerved into the opposite lane of Highway 395 and then exploded on impact when crashing into the fire truck, which was on its way to a medical emergency.

The firefighters are okay, but this tragedy serves as an example of just how dangerous those small rural highways can be.

“Anytime you put traffic in close proximity to one another, doing highway speeds, it requires drivers to make good decisions,” Trooper Sevigney said.

That’s why deputies are urging you to be more careful, and less distracted, when you get behind the wheel.

And Jasmine’s loved ones are urging you to not take life for granted.

“Hold the ones that you love close to you and cherish them forever, no matter how mad they make you,” Spalinger said. “You never know when they’re going to be gone, and you never know when you’re going to see them again.”

Washington State Patrol is asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call them with any information at (360) 688-3408 or (509) 227-6643.

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