Lookout Pass let anyone dressed like Santa ski for free

For folks completely out of the loop, the scene at Lookout Pass on Sunday probably looked like something out of a Christmas movie!

Tons of skiers and snowboarders dressed up as Santa Claus to hit the slopes for Lookout’s ‘Dress Like Santa Ski Free’ event. The guidelines for dressing up as old Saint Nick were rather tight, too – red coat with white trim, full white beard, red pants with white trim, belt, gloves, and Santa’s iconic red hat.

Folks lined up to enter Lookout Pass, where they were also awaiting approval on their costumes at the ticket booth.

For the intrepid Mr. and Mrs. Clauses that passed judgment, they were also called on for the ‘Santa Downhill,’ a group ski session that makes for some wonderful photos.

If you missed this event, Lookout Pass has other fun days planned throughout the year and beyond, which you can find on their event page here.