Looff Carrousel set to reopen

The Looff Carrousel has a new $11 million dollar home with a few new bells and whistles.

“So this deck was all rebuilt as a part of this project,” said Parks and Rec Director Leroy Eadie during a media tour.

However, for the most part it’s the same old carrousel you remember – with a bit of a make over.

“All of the horses have been redone,” explained Eadie. “This is the first time we believe in the history of the Looff Carrousel that all of the horses have been redone at the same time.”

Beautifully transparent, the carrousel’s new building shows off the Spokane icon like never before.

If you think the building is attractive from the outside, you should take a look from the inside. In one revolution, a rider will view the iconic clock tower, the south end of the soon to be finished Howard St promenade, and a glimpse of downtown itself.

First opening nearly 110 years ago – the carrousel is now, more than ever, a link between the Lilac City’s past and present.

The new climate controlled space is designed to keep the wood in excellent condition and will be available for birthday parties and corporate events. While much around the antique attraction is changing, the price will remain the same: $2 a ride.

The ribbon cutting ceremony is Saturday, May 12 at 1 pm.