Long-term shelter dog adopted after ’12 Days of Dutch’

After a rigorous campaign to get Dutch adopted, the Spokane Humane Society is proud to announce that the happy boy has found a forever home!

They made the announcement on Saturday, showing him with his new family.

Previously, the Humane Society had rolled out a plan to get the pup adopted – each day highlighting a trait of the lovable dog. The campaign was called ‘Twelve Days of Dutch,’ and they hoped they would not have to even make it to Day 12.

They only made it to Day 7.

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Dutch had been at the shelter since March, leaving many staff baffled at how no one had taken him home yet. Over the course of the short-lived ‘Twelve Days of Dutch,’ they showcased his funny personality, his fetch skills, his love for coffee stands, his love of the sun and a whole heap of tricks he knows.