Lone Zags fan shows up to wish men’s basketball team good luck in tournament

Lone Zags fan shows up to wish men’s basketball team good luck in tournament
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As the Gonzaga men’s basketball team boarded a bus for Salt Lake City Tuesday, there was a small crowd of cameras, plus one fan to send them on their way.

Ken Peters was the only fan who showed up Tuesday afternoon at the Kennel. That’s not surprising though, considering the school never announced when the team would leave Spokane. Peters says he was only there by accident.

“I was coming by to take a picture of the arena and I was going to make a Facebook post and just say ‘hey, go Zags,’ and have a cool picture to go with it. And I saw the buses and went ‘oh my goodness I think they’re leaving right now.’ So, I parked and ran out here and said goodbye to all the guys,” Peters said.

He waved goodbye while shouting words of encouragement to Corey Kispert, Rui Hachimura, Josh Perkins and the rest of the team.

“We’re so blessed to have one of the best basketball teams in the nation right here in Spokane. They do us proud. They’re class acts as individuals. I love the coaches and just what a great program,” he said.

Peters said he moved to Spokane 20 years ago. It happened to be the year that the Zags made their first run into the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament.

“I’m not saying there’s any correlation with me moving to town and them getting good, but ever since I moved to Spokane, they’ve been good,” Peters said.

So, as long as the Zags keep winning, you may have Peters to thank.

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