Local families trying to get home frustrated over flight delays and cancellations

SPOKANE, Wash. — Holiday travel isn’t known for being easy, but winter weather is now making things almost impossible for travelers going to, from, or through the Pacific Northwest.

On Monday alone there were more than 5,000 delays and 1,200 flight cancellations across the country. That frustration was felt here at home in the Inland Northwest.

Most of the disruption happened on Sunday. However, more than 25 flights coming into or taking off from the Spokane International Airport on Monday alone have either been canceled or delayed. While travelers are hoping for some relief, airlines said we could see more of this on Tuesday.

“We were supposed to fly out of Seattle yesterday at 11:30 and pretty quickly, our flight was delayed 2-hours,” said Megan Lambo, a Spokane local trying to get home.

“It said we were going to board at 12:50 and around 1:00 an announcement came on saying we can be patient, your pilot should get here and we’re deicing the plane, and not even in 10-minutes later they canceled our flight,” Lambo explained.

The mom entertained her 2-year-old and 4-year-old the entire day while her husband sorted out their flights.

“We actually ended up buying our own tickets home, because we are supposed to be heading to Canada on Wednesday. The earliest the airline could get us in was too late,” said Lambo.

Meanwhile, their extended stay in Seattle is further complicated by the weather conditions.

“Because Seattle is not used to snow, everything is closed,” said Lambo.

Despite the headache and inconvenience, they had a white Christmas, and she’s focusing on the good.

“People for the most part seemed to be good-spirited about the whole thing.”

With the thousands of flights canceled and delayed nationwide, many airlines are blaming the Omicron variant. That isn’t the case for Alaska Airlines, which canceled over 350 flights today and yesterday, because of the weather in our region.

More cancellations are expected on Tuesday. Those who have travel plans are encouraged to track the status of their flights.

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