Locals share experiences with Coeur d’Alene contractor accused of stealing $790K from victims

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced a settlement with Coeur d’Alene contractor Alex Welstad and his company NAA Partners LLC.

Welstad is accused of taking more than $790k from his victims across Washington, Idaho, and Montana, along with failing to complete contracts for them.

Several victims who had experiences with Welstad sent in pictures of his unfinished work. So far, the Attorney General’s office says 17 people have filed complaints but believes there are more victims.

The settlement also revokes Welstad’s contractor registration in the state of Idaho.

“From the entry of the consent judgment, he’s banned from advertising or providing construction services in the state of Idaho,” said Brett Delange, Idaho’s Deputy Attorney General. “Now if someone sees an ad today, we welcome them to let us know.”

The consent judgment was filed on May 9, and if you want to share your experience with the AG Office, you must let them know about it within 45 days, or before June 23.

You can file a complaint HERE.

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