Local Z Nation TV crew looks back on past 5 seasons, ahead of liquidation sale

The television show Z Nation is over, but its props and costumes live on – and they’re all for sale.

The apocalyptic Syfy series, filmed in Spokane, ended its five-year run last year. If you’re a fan of the show, this is your opportunity to take home something your favorite characters actually used on set.

The show is having a ‘zombie yard sale’ this weekend where you can buy everything from the clothes they wore, to the props they carried. It’s all being sold at yard sale prices.

This is not your mom and dad’s garage sale. You’ve got prosthetics and fake blood, everything you can think of from a zombie show. But for the crew getting ready the yard sale, it’s more than just things. It’s a trip down memory lane.

“These are all zombie costumes here – military, military stuff,” said Matt Davidson, actor in Z Nation.

Davidson has been on the show all five seasons.

“A little heartbreaking knowing that I won’t get to see these people and work on this project again this year. But I’m very excited to see what’s coming next,” Davidson said.

It’s true. This zombie does have a heart.

“It’s amazing, you kind of have to realize that zombies are a little inherently goofy, and you just have to kind of lose yourself in that goofiness,” Davidson said.

Davidson said that energy was his favorite part of being on set.

“There’s lots of growling and limping along and shuffling and you just have to go with it,” Davidson said.

“Mangled bodies and people all cut up and dismembered,” said Marc Dahlstrom, production supervisor for Z Nation.

And it’s all for sale, all the Z Nation items used in the show.

“Some of these heads are mine. So it’ll be really interesting to see if people actually buy them tomorrow and take them home,” Davidson said.

No, seriously. Davidson’s head is for sale. The show created prosthetic zombie doubles of him.

“Then they coat me with these plaster strips and that goes over to make the hard shell for the mold,” Davidson said.

“It’s all been cleaned. It’s all, it’s distressed so it looks dirty, so it’s great if you want a Halloween costume or if you want just work clothes,” Dahlstrom said.

While it might just be stuff from an outsider’s perspective. It’s all memories for the team who put together almost 70 episodes.

“Great day on set anytime I got to be a zombie,” Davidson said.

“It was a good run and a great show to work on. And the crew, the local crew in particular, and even the Washington-based crew, actually the whole crew – we’ve become like a family,” Dahlstrom said.

The big zombie sale is happening Friday and Saturday at 1414 N. Fiske Street in Spokane. Doors open at 8 a.m. and will run until 4 p.m. on both days. It’s all first-come, first-serve and the sale is cash only.

If you’re a fan of the show or maybe you’re just on the hunt for a Halloween costume, these are your only two opportunities. Everything must go, whatever isn’t sold this weekend will be donated.

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