Local woman waits three hours to schedule vaccine appointment with no luck

SPOKANE, Wash. — Hundreds of people received the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, but some of the area’s most vulnerable citizens are still stuck waiting for answers, with no shot in sight.

Right now, the priority for health officials is to get at-risk people vaccinated. But without internet, many are without hope; not knowing when they’ll be scheduled for a shot.

“I stayed on the line for at least three hours this morning just to beat some 250 people ahead of me,” said Diane Eickhoff.

That’s a long time to wait with no new information. Eickhoff is 73 years old, doesn’t have internet, and feels left behind as vaccines roll across Spokane.

“We should not have to go through what we’re going through,” she said.

Eickhoff says she called CHAS and was told there were no more appointments open for the week. She’ll have to call again on Monday.

Eickhoff has been staying home since March , only venturing out to walk her dogs and run essential errands.

“I’m going stir crazy,” said Eickhoff. “I want to get the vaccine. I want to put my life back in normalcy.”

That normalcy can’t come soon enough, but she’s going to have to wait a little longer- relying on faith to see her through.

“I want the vaccine because I know in my heart of hearts, and believing in God the way I do, that he’s going to protect me and allowing me to have the vaccine,” said Eickhoff.

She has one final message for those working at the arena: “”You should have had all your ducks in a row… because, right now, you have nothing. You have nothing.”

CHAS and the Department of Health are working to get their systems running smoothly. Health officials encourage you to check with your primary care physicians first to see if they have the vaccine.

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