Local woman starts free library for homeless

We all have different reasons for reading, whether it’s to learn something new or just to escape reality for a few hours.

However, it’s not easy for everyone to get their hands on books.

After seeing a need, one local woman decided to open up a free library at the House of Charity.

Karen Kearney started the library over a year ago. She was working as a volunteer when she would notice clients sitting around reading brochures. That’s what inspired her to start the free library.

House of Charity is an emergency overnight shelter that serves over 175 people every night. They also have a medical respite program which gives the homeless an opportunity to recover after having surgery.

Kearney said the library not only keeps them busy, it also helps them take their mind off of whatever issues they may be facing in their lives.

“Having this little library for them to come down and check out a book and go up and read in bed is something that is good for them,” said Kearney.

Another reason Kearney started the library was to help break the stigma surrounding our homeless population.

She hopes by sharing her story, she’ll inspire others to want to give back in some way.

If you’d like to donate books, you can reach out to Karen Kearney at (509) 328-4303.