Local veterinary clinic sees rise in animal injuries from essential oils

Essentials are getting more popular each year it seems.

They can be great to use, but for humans only.

The Hunter Veterinary Clinic in Spokane said its been treating dogs and cats who were exposed to essential oils.

While essential oils can benefit you, they can cause serious harm to your pets with burns and rashes.

There are some oils out there that may be good for your pet, but you have to check with a vet first to see if it checks out.

Dr. Mark Schrag from Hunter Vet said if an oil isn’t diluted it has a much higher risk for harm.

He said he treats at least one pet a month with essential oil complications.

“Our recommendation since essential oils haven’t gone through any testing, and there’s no quality control for those that are producing and selling them is to avoid them,” Schrag said.

He even treated one before that had injuries equivelant to a second degree burn.

Schrag said pets will sometimes have a rash or cut, so their owners try some essential oils to help but it does the opposite.

It takes a few days for the pets to be treated, and Schrag said some pets have taken a couple weeks to a month to fully heal.

Schrag urges pet owners to check with a vet before using any oil on their pets.