Local toy collectors show off impressive collections ahead of Inland Northwest Toy Show Classic

If you are in the mood for a treasure hunt, the Inland Northwest Toy Show Classic is back, this time with double the space and vendors.

“You go to the toy shows and that’s where you find the treasures, Everybody there is looking for a certain toy. Guaranteed,” said Terry Taylor, sponsor of the Inland Northwest Toy Show Classic.

A beloved Barbie, Snoopy snow cone maker or Tonka truck.

“It’s their childhood and they find it,” added Terry.

At least that’s what happened for Terry.

“That’s what this is! That’s what this is, my childhood. ‘Matchbox guy.'”

Terry’s basement has been converted in to a Matchbox museum meets playroom. Over one thousand Matchbox cars in display cases, organized by year and number.

It all started for him 30 years ago, when he spotted a 3-inch Rolls Royce.

“In 1988 we went to some sale thing and they had these Matchboxes in the box from when I was a kid and I go ‘look at that!'”

His wife Renee Taylor
added, “I saw his eye twinkle when he bought that first Rolls Royce in the box, Matchbox, and I’m thinking, ‘I better get involved or else we are going to be in the poor house, divorced or enjoying this together.”

She went with option 3.

Together, they’ve amassed an impressive collection that expands well beyond Matchbox cars. Recently, as friends have downsized their homes, they needed to upgrade to accommodate their growing collection.

They’ve sponsored the Inland Northwest Toy Show Classic for nearly a decade.

“I sell them, because there are other collectors that come around. I make them good deals if they really want them. I don’t need to get rich off of them. I’m not going to get rich off of them! I sell my extras, the ones I don’t need,” explained Terry.

There’s one more reason Terry loves to keep the toy shows going. The hunt for the Matchbox 1964 Chevy Impala taxi.

“There’s a wrecker, a number 12 wrecker from 1965. The colors are reversed. And I actually, funny story, in Pennsylvania, my friend over there that I bought Matchboxes has held one. It’s worth $10,000,” he added.

If he finds that Taxi, don’t worry about the Toy Show going anywhere. Terry said there are so many rare cars, he will always have something to find. There’s also the other collectors he gets to connect with, like co-sponsor Joshua Scott.

Joshua has amassed such a toy collection, he opened a shop on Garland to accommodate all his finds, and as he says, to make money to buy more toys!

“I love the hunt. I love going out looking for stuff and never knowing what will be around the next corner. It’s always a surprise and can be something cool that I need for my personal collection, or might be something you might need for your personal collection,” he shared.

Like the Taylors, Joshua will have a booth set up at the Inland Northwest Toy Show Classic. He says the most popular things his customers have been asking for are 1980s items like Star Wars action figures and G.I. Joe’s. They will be there, and so much more. This year they have over 200 tables for nearly 100 vendors. While they are out of vendor space, attendees are welcome to bring their collections to sell, trade or show off!

The show is happening Saturday, November 10 at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. If you want to check out the largest selection, early bird tickets are available for $10. They’ll get you in from 9am to 10am. General admission is $4, from 10am to 5pm. Kids 12 and under get in free.

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