Local thrift shop notices increase in donations thanks to Marie Kondo effect

The hit docu-series “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo is causing some thrift shops across the country to halt donations as viewers clean out their closets. Over at the Arc of Spokane thrift shop, they’ve been feeling the affects but say keep the donations coming!

The thrift shop is the non-profit’s biggest fundraiser, with proceeds going to the programs that serve the developmentally and intellectually challenged people they serve, as well as their families. About 30% of workers at the thrift shop use some of the 15 programs that the Arc of Spokane runs.

Part of Marie Kondo’s process is getting rid of items that no longer spark joy. Many chose to donate those items in hopes of bringing joy to someone else. If you are hoping to find some treasures amongst donated items at the Arc of Spokane thrift shop, but feel overwhelmed at the racks of items, manager Rose Williamson says to come early in the morning, when new items are added to the floor.

She adds, “if you are just going on a general treasure hunt it’s overwhelming. So think of something you really like. Maybe it’s something like candles or vases. Start in that section and then wonder around. And the find will come to you!”

For those who have begun the purging process and want to start donating, the thrift shop says they can always use more clothes.

While they don’t restrict donations, there are a few items they cannot accept because of safety regulations. Those include cribs and car seats. For health reasons, mattresses also cannot be donated.

Something that sets the Arc apart from other thrift shops is that they offer free donation pick-up on items both big and small. To arrange a pick-up, you can call them at 509-328-8100 or send an email to donate@Arc-Spokane.org . Know that it may take a week for a pick-up to be scheduled in your area.

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