Local schools rally for special election bonds and levies

Local schools rally for special election bonds and levies

Ballots for the February 10th Special Election are starting to find their way into mailboxes around the county. Many parents, like Kris Jeske, are asking you to bubble in ‘yes’ for education bonds and levies.

“I was so happy to see their support for all of the school districts here today because really it benefits the larger region,” said Jeske.

Jeske has a 2nd and 7th grader in the Spokane Public School system. He says one of the reasons he and his wife chose Spokane to raise their family 15 years ago, was because of the public education.

“I think we have a wonderful school system here in Spokane and we want to keep it strong,” said Jeske.

Five school districts have bonds on the ballot and 13 have levies. Saturday’s rally organizer, Alisha Benson put it simply, “Levies are for learning. So levies cover things like their stem programs, arts music, drama, extra curricular activities and sports. Really all those things are so important for creating a well rounded student.”

And bonds, are for buildings. Many schools haven’t been updated since they were built in the 1970’s. Benson said not only have most districts outgrown their schools, “It’s really the infrastructures making sure we have safe places for our kids.”

For the students and teachers at Greenacres Elementary, safety is a big concern. They’re one of several schools in the Central Valley School District that has an open concept floor plan. This means no doors to lock on any classroom in case of an emergency.

“Say we were to have a shooter on campus for example, it’s very challenging to keep our kids safe,” Benson said.

Benson said it’s a scary reality with a simple solution, vote yes.

“I would just encourage everyone to do their own research and try and find out their facts, there is a lot of good information out there,” said Jeske.

Most of these bonds and levies will not increase your tax rate. In Central Valley’s case, by voting yes on the ballot, the tax rate won’t budge.