Local restaurant owners share how you can help keep the industry afloat, aside from ordering takeout

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington has had some of the tightest COVID-19 restrictions in the country, and many of the state’s beloved dining spots are drowning. 

Restaurants in Eastern Washington are rallying to reopen to at least 50% capacity. 

Now, there’s another way to help them out besides ordering takeout. 

“Our community has been 100% our life support,” said Chef Chad White. 

Despite the struggle, Spokane’s eateries have remained humble. 

“It’s hard to sit here and ask our community to do more, when I think our community has done the most,” said White. 

Though they’re humble, they still need help. 

“Reviews is a big thing, as well,” said Derek Baziotis, owner of Bene’s. “If you did enjoy it to-go, it’s going to be much better when we’re allowed to dine in and if you could give that a review, that would be great.” 

Those chefs say any type of publicity helps on social media. 

“We don’t care how ugly the photo is,” said White. “Just post it and tell people how much you loved it.” 

“Right now we aren’t in a place to spend money on advertising, so anybody that can help us out on social media by spreading that, sharing, liking it’s significant right now,” said Jill Bielenberg, general manager at Birch & Barley. 

Another way to help?  

“They could be purchasing gift cards or just send your buddy a sandwich from one of your favorite sandwich shops,” said White. 

Supporting local restaurants supports our communities, at times in the most surprising ways.  

The support not only keeps their doors open, but gives them hope for the uncertainty of 2021. 

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