Local restaurant offering free ice to families still without power

SPOKANE, Wash. — People still don’t have heat and electricity in the days following this week’s deadly windstorm. 

While people may be putting on extra layers to stay warm, the food in their fridge is also heating up. 

“Well, thinking about it yesterday and the number of people without power, groceries are a little expensive and money’s a little tight,” said Justin Curtis, co-owner of Conchinito. 

Many homes are still without power and food won’t last long in a warm fridge- leading Conchinito Taqueria to lend a helping hand. 

“With our current restrictions, we’ve got a lot of ice and not a lot of demand where there’s a lot of demand out there and not a lot of ice, so it just makes sense,” said Curtis. 

Business hasn’t been easy. 

“Right now, I am concerned,” said Curtis. “I am concerned for our whole industry.” 

But smaller orders don’t mean less community spirit. 

Stocking a fridge costs the average family of four up to $300- hard earned money that’s even harder to come by in a pandemic. 

Some may not see power until Sunday, so Curtis says they’ll keep crushing ice for as long as the community needs. 

“We’ll give all our ice away today, and our little machine will keep chugging away and if we run out today, we’ll be back again and give it all out again,” said Curtis.