Local organizations to protest migrant detention camps Friday night

Local community advocates held a vigil Friday night to protest the conditions at the migrant detention camps.

Raiz of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, Spokane Coalition of Color, the Hispanic Business Association and the Peace and Justice Action League call the handling of the migrant crisis inhumane.

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The vigil is part of a national day of action, with 700 other cities planning similar events around the country.

“As immigrants, we migrate to provide better lives for our children and for ourselves. We escape domestic violence, rapes, and being murdered in our own countries,” said Lili Navarrete, Raiz Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Great Washington and North Idaho. “We have the right to survive, no matter our nationality, language, or color of our skin.”

The event started at 8 p.m. near the clock tower in Riverfront Park. The vigil included speakers from Raiz of Planned Parenthood, the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition and Spokane Tribe.

Attendees marched to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office on Cataldo Ave and read aloud the names of children who have died in detention centers.

“What they are doing is torture, it isn’t just child abuse, it is torture,” said David Randall. “It will stay with these kids the rest of their lives and no country in the world has any right to do that.”

Many protesters tied cardboard teddy bears with handwritten messages on the chain link fence outside the ICE office demanding the release of immigrants.