Local nurse practitioner’s heroic actions save two strangers at WSU

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local nurse practitioner’s quick thinking saved two fellow Cougar fans this year.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Andrea Perry, who saved two strangers.

It was like another game day. Long-time Cougar fan Andrea Perry and her family left for the football game last Saturday without knowing something unexpected on the way. She went to the game earlier than she normally does that day.

On highway 195 from Colfax to Pullman, her husband saw a car off to the side.

“My husband and I jumped out and ran over,” Perry said. “I said I’m a nurse practitioner, I have a history of ER nursing. What can I do? They said, ‘we think he’s having a stroke.'”

Perry talked to the 911 dispatcher.

“The dispatcher says if I can do a full stroke assessment, so for me yes. I did a stroke assessment from ER nursing. At that moment, this guy needs to go to Sacred Heart,” said Perry.

However, this was not the first time Andrea’s heroic action saved a stranger. Perry also saw a man who had a hard time breathing at the Coug game back in October.

“I didn’t really see him breathing, so I ended up doing what’s called sternal rub. I put my knuckles on his chest and dug down really hard. For anybody, that would hurt, and he had no response… nothing,” said Perry.

Rob Martin, who was saved by Perry at the game, says he’s grateful to be alive.

“Wonderful person. It’s a blessing that she was at the right place at the right time,” said Martin.

Her heroic actions have been an inspiration to many in the community, including WSU running back Nakia Watson.

“We are so inspired by you and your strength not only as Coug but as a person. You are truly a hero and we all strive to be like you,” said Watson.

Perry says anyone can be a hero just by learning basic first aid and CPR.

“It’s such a good thing to have because if your family member… you never expect something to happen to your family member but if does… the quicker you could do CPR, the higher chance they could survive,” said Perry.