Local mother celebrates her last round of chemo, cheering on the Zags

Fans cheered on the Gonzaga Bulldogs Wednesday night as they took down North Carolina with a 94-81 win.

One local mother was there to celebrate that win, but she’ll be celebrating an even bigger one come Thursday when she heads in for her final chemo treatment.

She showed up with a sign that read “Zags tonight, my last chemo tomorrow! Hi kids!”

The mom who got a standing ovation at tonight’s @GonzagaU game teared up during our interview. Kim Brewer says the last 15 months have been tough for her family… she’s so thankful for the support she received tonight. #4NewsNow pic.twitter.com/jHGK64wbcX

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) December 19, 2019

Her sign made it on the big screen and stole hearts.

So 4 News Now took to Facebook, asking viewers who she was. Within minutes, dozens of people responded.

Her name is Kim Brewer.

The mother of three says she was 35 and healthy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer just 15 months ago.

Brewer’s college roommate at Gonzaga died of cancer several years ago.

She helped spread her ashes around campus in September 2018 and decided to get checked a few days later.

It’s a decision that she says saved her life.

Brewer was actually supposed to have her final chemo treatment on Wednesday, but she didn’t want to miss the important game.

“All these people when they came out tonight were like ‘we’ll be praying for you,’ or ‘you know we love you’ and all these nice things,” said Brewer. “It does affect you.”

Brewer and her family say they’re thankful for all the support they’ve received the last 15 months. She wants people to reach out to those who might need help this holiday season.