Local leaders respond to bomb threat at Spokane County Democrats office

SPOKANE, Wash. — A man walked into the Spokane County Democrats office and threatened to blow up the building. Spokane Police and the FBI are trying to figure out why. 

The man claimed to have a bomb, however police didn’t find one in his backpack. Volunteers inside the office are shaken, but not injured. 

Police haven’t told us who the man is, or what motivated him. However, Spokane County Democtratic leaders are convinced it was a political attack. 

When police got to the Spokane County Democrats office, they saw smoke coming out the building. A man who claimed to have a bomb took a volunteer hostage, then lit a fire in the office before surrendering. 

That man is in custody. The case is being investigated as domestic terrorism by the FBI. 

Spokane County Democrats say the man originally passed a note to a volunteer before threatening to blow the place up. 

Police have not said anything about such note, or why the man targeted the office. 

The Spokane County Republican Party posted a statement on Facebook, saying in part: 

“We are glad that all the individuals and volunteers are safe from this frightening and very disturbing experience. Hate should never be tolerated and we will always denounce all forms of violence and stand against hate. We must as a community stand together against these types of attacks.”

Spokane City Council President Beean Beggs said: 

“My thoughts and appreciation go out to those trapped in the Teamsters building today and our first responders who secured our safety once again. I condemn anyone who uses fear and violence to accomplish a political goal. Spokane is stronger than fear, and together we stand for peace, justice and a thriving community.” 

As police and the FBI investigate what happened, Spokane County Democrats are working on a more intensified security plan.

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