Local kids find ways to burn energy, despite Spokane play structure closures

SPOKANE, Wash. — First the schools closed, then bars and restaurants, and now, all the play structures in Spokane are off limits. 

The order came Friday afternoon from Dr. Bob Lutz with the Spokane Regional Health District. It’s yet another step to slow the spread of COVID-19. He’s still encouraging families to spend time outside. 

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The playground at Manito Park looks more like a crime scene, and at Riverfront Park, metal barriers are in place to stop kids from climbing and sliding down the red wagon. 

“We barely have anything to do and we could barely go to restaurants and we have to stay inside a lot because of the virus,” said Kyla Cook. 

Kyla and her sister, Ilya, say they’ll miss playing on the swing set, but they understand. 

“Because of the virus, it would be really bad for people to play on the playground,” said Ilya Cook. 

They’ve found another way to burn energy- hunting for painted rocks in Manito Park. 

It’s where you make rocks and you hide them all around any parks,” said Kyla. 

Parks, trails, and fields are still open. So are tennis courts, skate parks and golf courses. 

Just remember to practice social distancing. 

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