Local hospitals not overwhelmed just yet, but health officials say they’re preparing

SPOKANE, Wash. — The top health officer in Spokane County says COVID-19 is not overwhelming local hospitals just yet, but it’s something health officials are preparing for. 

Spokane County only has so many ICU beds. 

One interesting fact that Dr. Bob Lutz with the Spokane Regional Health District pointed out Wednesday morning is that less people are going to the ER and Urgent Care right now, likely because they’re afraid of being around other sick people.

“I think I can comfortably says that the system is not being taxed by COVID-19 cases,” said Lutz. “Certainly we’ve seen a number of cases but, again, it’s not been significantly impacting the healthcare system.”

First responders, including firefighters and EMS crews, are also on the front lines. 

The Spokane Valley Fire Department says several people have lied about their symptoms when calling 911, worried they won’t be helped if they have COVID-19. 

This puts first responders at even more risk. Officials say be honest about how you’re feeling, and you will be helped.

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