Local healthcare advocates react to pulled bill

Local healthcare advocates react to pulled bill

A group of local healthcare advocates were preparing to fight the Obamacare repeal bill. Their frustration turning to celebration as the bill is pulled from the floor.

The group gathered outside of Congresswoman Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers office on Friday.

They planned to talk to her aides about why the bill is not a good idea, but as they learned the news the bill had been pulled, they changed their strategy.

“What they are trying to do is rip apart people’s healthcare and it’s unacceptable and it’s cruel,” said Paul Dillon from Planned Parenthood, greater Washington and north Idaho.

“We’re here today to share our stories and try to get through to her office and hope she hears us in the other Washington,” said Dillon.

Right before they headed up to talk to her aides, they learned the bill was pulled.

Valerie Anderson Webb was planning to share her concern about her clients that depend on Medicaid.

But learning the bill would not move on, calmed her nerves.

“Super happy,” said Anderson Webb, “and to the point where I am not stressed anymore.”

While this group is happy with today’s outcome they still headed up to the congresswoman’s office to chat… feeling strongly that this battle isn’t over and the fight for their services is just beginning.