Local health experts urging parents to know what vaping devices look like

As health officials claim that vaping is becoming an epidemic, the Spokane Regional Health District is warning parents what some vaping devices look like.

The Health District said they have been extra busy lately as they are getting calls from schools for presentations on the dangers of vaping.

“At the end of the last school year, we were getting calls daily for presentations for kids and services for staff and parent groups as well,” said AJ Sanders, the lead staff for tobacco, vape or marijuana prevention for the health district.

So what should a parent look out for? The devices have evolved, according to Sanders.

Older e-cigarettes look just like cigarettes, but now, they look like USB drives or even a pen that can be easily concealed.

The CDC said the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes increased from 2.1 million in 2017 to 3.6 million in 2018.

One in five high school students and one in 20 middle school students said they used e-cigarettes in the last 30 days when they were surveyed.

As more devices come onto the market, they may look different, so the health district warns parents to pay attention.

“It’s really important for parents to be informed and there are quite a couple of places online to see what the devices look like,” Sanders said.

She alleged that ceasing vaping is just like ceasing smoking.

Click here for a photo of what some of the vaping devices might look like.

Click here for what the dangers are in vaping and using e-cigarettes.

Parents can also go to the Start Talking Now website on how to approach their kid in discussing the dangers of vaping.

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