Local Goodwill responds to receiving trash as donations

SPOKANE, Wash. — One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and nobody knows this better than those who work at the Goodwill.

Some people are taking that expression, a little too literally. People often donate a variety of items to Goodwill, but items like a toothbrush or make-up aren’t going to resell.

Over the past year, Goodwill has had a steady stream of solid donations.

“We have seen people who are maybe simplifying their lives a little bit, taking that time, downsizing,” said Heather Alexander, Senior Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications.

Some are starting a new chapter.

“Now I’m just clearing out all my stuff, I’ve had four years of accumulating things and I felt they could find a better home,” said college graduate Tori Conlon, who made a stop at the Goodwill this morning. “I feel really relieved knowing that it is no longer serving me and that it can find a new home, where it can be better used.”

Conlon dropped off two mini-fridges, a bunch of storage bins, a desk chair, and a printer. These items are golden to the Goodwill, but, occasionally, they get items with no value and this hinders their mission.

Alexander told us people have donated empty juice bottles, open bags of cereal, and pieces of equipment that are missing major parts. They choose to believe these donations are made my mistake.

Along with that, they won’t be able to find a new home for used mattresses, dissembled lawn mowers, large appliances, electronics with major components that are missing.

“We really appreciate when people bring us their gently used items. That is really the lifeblood of how we’re able to fund our programs,” said Alexander.

They’re asking that people donate deliberately and mindfully.

“Thanks for supporting Goodwill. It helps us change lives. Over four thousand people last year. Keeps us busy with people coming through,” added Alexander.

For a complete list of items, they are accepting, head here and scroll down.

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