Local family set to appear on new ABC game show “Don’t”

The Long family is set to appear on the July 30 episode of "Don't."

EPHRATA, Wash. – After taping their episode of the new ABC game show Don’t several months ago, Mitch and Fallon Long of Ephrata, Monte Brady of Davenport and Shalom Murphy of Seattle

can finally stop keeping their game show experience a secret Thursday night.

“We finally get to blow the lid off it and see what it turns out to be,” said Mitch Long.

“Kind of a once in a lifetime thing that you get to do with your family, so to have to not talk about it is so hard,” added Murphy.

Fallon said she’s been prepping her co-workers at the Grant County PUD.

“I want everybody to watch it, but then i’m like, ‘Oh, gosh. Did I do that? What did I say? How did I act?”

All four of them said the pressure under the bright lights made each of the stunts, like don’t miss or don’t get tired, that much more difficult.

“It was fun, you know, doing all the obstacle courses and seeing what they had in store for us,” said Brady. “But it’s absolutely a different world once you get up there.”

“Oh, boy,” added Murphy. “There’s a few moments where I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? How did I not do that?'”

They can’t say how they fared, but Mitch did make this promise.

“I think we’ll be the craziest bunch that anyone will view on it so far.”

And now, the wait is almost over.

“Really excited about it,” said Fallon. “Hope everyone watches. July 30th. 9:00 p.m. ABC. Aaaahhh!”