Local expert gives tips for getting back to school organized

If you’re looking to get organized for back to school, one local expert is here to help.

Katie Regelin is a mom who decided to take her love of organizing to the next level, helping other moms get organized and stay that way with her company, Order Restored.

For paper management, she recommends making a family box for papers you need daily and then a separate keepsake box for your kids art projects and awards. For the family box, make folders for each family member and activities. In the keepsake box, have folders for every school year.

If you’ve got junk drawers you want to tackle, Katie recommends first taking everything out, and then dividing it in to piles of what you need, what’s broken and what you can purge. Invest in drawer dividers and labels, especially if you have people in your home who aren’t familiar with the set up.

“I think the real key is only keep what you are really using and really love. And just by having less, it’s easier to keep things organized,” said Katie.

Keep items inside visible so you don’t buy multiples and purchase plastic bins to help sort art and office supply drawers.