Local deputies are joining forces to keep people safe from fireworks

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Many cities in Washington are banning fireworks across their counties, including Spokane County.

This 4th of July, the Spokane Valley Fire Department is teaming up with the Liberty Lake Police Department and the Spokane Valley Police Department to take part in “fireworks patrols” to keep people safe.

“In the past, we had hundreds of acres that are burnt because of fireworks,” SVPD Deputy Fire Marshal Brett Anderson said.

It is illegal to set off fireworks in Spokane County, and Anderson said they have patrolled fireworks in past years.

Anderson said teaming up with other law enforcement agencies will hopefully lead to them patrolling fireworks more effectively.

“We didn’t necessarily coordinate with any law enforcement because in the past we’ve had a full-on enforcement [and] investigators,” Anderson said. “Now we have special deputies that are given an ability to enforce code.”

During patrols, law enforcement will follow up with fireworks complaints across different neighborhoods.

“They are going to be calling in,” Anderson said. “It’s not a 911 call. Fireworks calls go into the sheriff’s department, and they are going to dispatch us out to deal with complaints.”

Anderson says using fireworks in high-risk areas could cause wildfires, structure fires and other injuries. Setting off fireworks at the wrong place and time could also cost someone several hundred dollars.

“We are not trying to be the bad guy,” Anderson said. “We are trying to educate people to do it the right way. If they are doing it illegally, chances are we are going to take away the fireworks.”

Anderson recommends that you go to fireworks shows that are put on by professionals.

Patrols will be on the scene through Monday night. You can call crime check at (509)-456-2233 if you see fireworks in your neighborhood.

If fireworks lead to a dangerous situation, SVFD says to call 911.

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