Local departments joining to participate in “fireworks patrols”

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Valley Fire Department will have “fireworks patrols” throughout the Fire District this 4th of July weekend to prevent the use of fireworks in the county.

With the help of the Liberty Lake Police Department and the Spokane Valley Police Department, all three departments will cover all of the SVPD Fire District on July 3 and July 4.

“Fireworks are illegal in Spokane County,” SVFD Fire Chief, Frank Soto Jr. said “We encourage everyone to help keep our community free from fire and yourself free from injury.”

Certain fireworks in Washington are illegal to use, sell and own. Some fireworks, however, can be sold and set off on some tribal land.

According to SVFD, fireworks will be confiscated if seen with fireworks. You might be issued a ticket as well.

“We don’t want to confiscate or write tickets,” SVFD Deputy Fire Marshal Brett Anderson said. “We also don’t want to respond to a fire or an injury you or your child has sustained. Please celebrate safely.”

SVFD says you should report someone if you see them using, selling or discharging fireworks in the area. SVFD says to call Crime Check at 509.456.2233 if you see someone using fireworks.

They also say if you see someone using fireworks in a dangerous manner or if there is a fire that was started by fireworks, you should call 911.

“The 4th of July holiday is extremely busy for our communications officers. We experience a higher-than-normal volume of calls during the holiday, and we urge everyone to be patient if you call.” Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Director Lori Markham said. “We ask that if you see someone using fireworks that you call Crime Check to report it. If you see them being used in a dangerous manner or if a there is a fire started by fireworks call 911 immediately.”

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