Local companies struggling to fill open positions this summer

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two million teenagers will get jobs this summer, and some employers in Spokane are reaching out specifically to teens and trying to incentivize them to apply.

Here in Spokane there are plenty of opportunities for seasonal work. The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department says they are still in need of numerous people, and hiring this year has been a struggle.

This need is also across a wide range of jobs from lifeguards, swim instructors to groundskeepers and attraction attendants in Riverfront Park. This need is a new problem the department is facing with the COVID pandemic shutdowns. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic and places are opening up fully, on top of the end of the school year, the demand on the city will be even greater.

“A lot of the activities that we normally do were shut down, a lot of our citizens went to our parks which is great,” said Spokane Parks and Rec Director Garrett Jones. “We’re continuing to see that demand grow which is great, that’s a good problem to have now it’s just we need to focus on making sure we have the resources to be able to achieve that,”

Two other organizations with plenty of openings are the Spokane Indians and the Inland Northwest YMCA. The Indians are in a unique position this season because of the earlier and longer schedule compared to previous years.  The YMCA is offering $250 bonuses for certain positions this summer.

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