Local businesses reward Seahawks fans with 12th Man deals

Local businesses reward Seahawks fans with 12th Man deals

12th Man Deals vo

Local businesses across Spokane are stepping up to support the fans that support the Seahawks.

And who doesn’t want to be part of the winning team. However, businesses offering that 12th Man discount, like Great Floors, say, it’s about more than that. It’s about coming together as a state, a community and rallying around something everyone can be a part of.

Great Floors rolled out the 12th Man discount when the Seahawks took down the 49ers last week.

“It’s quite a deal. It can save you thousands of dollars with this,” said Great Floors Sales Representative, Scott Robinson.

A whole home carpet install for only 12 bucks. And when your carpet is looking sharp you might want to clean up that shag on the top of your head.

“It’s a way to get behind the Seahawks even though we are on the other side of the state,” said Dan Dickau, owner of The Barbers.

The Barbers, located at 9331 N. Newport Hwy, will trim up any Seahawks fan for, you guessed it, $12.

“Just kinda sitting around and my wife threw the idea out that, ‘You guys should do a $12 haircut for the 12th Man,” said Dickau.

Speaking of sweet deals, Sweet Frostings will give customers 12 percent off their order this Saturday as long as they’re dressed in the right apparel.

“Jersey, hat, you can get the 12th Man discount which is 12 percent off your order that day,” said Judy Rozier Beebe, owner of Sweet Frostings.

Instagram a pic in your best Seahawks gear eating any one of those treats by Friday and win a stadium pack of cupcakes.

“They’re awesome to us, we give them awesome stuff in return,” said Beebe.

And all the awesome local stuff at Sammy’s Rustics downtown will be discounted 10 percent, with 12 percent off local wine.

“As one Seahawk fan to another we appreciate it, we appreciate you and we appreciate the team and the great time we’ve had all year watching them, let’s support each other, come on down, we’ll run some discounts for you and have a great time with it,” said Sam Redington, owner or Sammy’s Rustics.

Cool beans for sure. Just like the Cool Bean Coffee stand on South Hill off Regal and 44th.

“If you come in wearing any Seahawks gear you get 25 cents off,” said barista Britnie Bertolero.

Just another way to celebrate the Seahawks.

“And we’re just trying to bring the community together,” said Bertolero.

If you see a business offering a 12th Man deal, give KXLY reporter Aaron Luna a tweet, @lunakxly, use the hashtag #superdeals and we’ll let you know where and when to find all the 12th Man discounts.