Local businesses losing thousands of dollars without spring customers

MEAD, Wash. — Non-essential businesses are taking hits left and right during this pandemic. Recreational businesses, where you’d go to have fun on the weekend, are especially hurting right now.

This is peak season for sales for many businesses.  They rely on large groups, like field trips and birthday parties, to make up for dead months. Now, they’re bracing themselves for a big hit.

An empty facility is a sight no organization wants to see.

“Normally, this is what we would call, tourist season. There is football season, there is school season, this for us would be called tourist season because the schools all come out, large groups, 50 to 200 kids at a time, plus parents,” said Lisa Wyche, executive director at Cat Tales in Mead.

“We stay busy pretty much everyday that we are open with tours to have that just not happen was weird as far as the people. That is also a huge chunk of that income that we normally have every year,” Wyche said.

A huge chunk to the sound of $65,000.

“Just the school tour loss, that’s about $50,000,” Wyche said.


Cat Tales has an ongoing fundraiser on Facebook with a goal of $50,000 as an effort to offset the costs of losing school tours.

The park is not the only ones hurting. Triple Play in Idaho lost 25% of their overall money for the year.

“Beginning of April, we actually missed out completely on two weeks of spring break that are probably our biggest weeks,” said Chris McCreary, assistant general manager at Triple Play in Idaho.


The only service they’ve had during the shutdown is Supper with Stanley.


“It’s a curbside to go with our dinosaur outside dancing,” McCreary said.

Otherwise, no bowling, no winning candy, and no water slides. Just machines, without players.

Like Cat Tales, they’re just waiting for the day they can get people back in and having fun again.

If you would like to help Cat Tales, you can visit their website, cattales.org

On there, you’ll find a Support Us page that has all the information on ways to donate and how you can support the organization.

As for Triple Play, they are just waiting to re-open and they hope you can join them when they do. In the meantime, you can join them for their Supper with Stanley events. You can drive up, meet Stanley, and get a pizza meal for dinner.

Triple Play is planning how they’ll run business once they can re-open. They said they’ll close down every other bowling lane to practice social distancing. Additionally, they’re turning off every other arcade game to make sure people are within six feet of each other. Triple Play is also stepping up cleaning efforts. Staff will be sanitizing all games and surfaces after a customer uses it.