Local business owner devastated after store break-in

SPOKANE, Wash. — Garland Resale is one of a handful of businesses downtown that got broken into by looters, but people nearby were able to board up the windows before anything was stolen.

Glass was broken into by a rogue group of looters following the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest downtown. Owner Ashley Brownlee says she left around an hour or so before the break-in, keeping an eye on the protest and escalating violence, to make sure her business was safe.

“I left, and immediately, within probably, like, twenty minutes… I got about 100 texts and calls, messages and stuff, saying that my building was on the news,” recalls Brownlee.


Brownlee says people showed up and started boarding up her windows, and it seems that nothing was stolen from her shop. She says the main thought racing through her mind, first after months of the COVID lockdown and now her shop being vandalized, is simply: “What’s next?”

“I feel like I’m bracing myself, right now, for the next round,” Brownlee says. “Honestly. I mean, that’s the only reason I’m down here… I mean, I was literally down here, in the front of my store armed with a broom!”