Local bike shops stay booked and busy as more people go for a ride

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Bike Hub believes they speak for many local bike shops in the area when they say they’ve never been busier.

Their location in downtown Spokane has less bikes hanging up than usual because they’re selling fast.

Employees at the shop said they’re also servicing bikes for tune-ups and are booked two to three weeks out.

“We’ve seen a lot of bikes that have been coming in for tune ups that probably haven’t been out too many times, which is good,” said one employee, Thomas Yates. “People are getting out on the bikes again. It’s just something nice to do outside that you can kind of still distance yourself away from people.”

However, if you just come in to get air in your tires, they said that can be done in one trip.

Yates said they’re also seeing many new customers as people start cycling for the first time.

He’s also glad they can be open during this time.

Whether that’s to help people who need to ride their bike to an essential job or just like to ride as a healthy outlet.

Since the restrictions started due to COVID-19, they started sanitizing the bikes that come in for repairs and limiting the number of people that can be in the shop at a time.

But bikes are still coming off the racks in the store and selling out, especially kids’ bikes.

“I’ve seen more families together on a bike ride versus usually just one or two people just meeting up with friends or something, but like family units have been moving around on bikes and that’s been pretty cool to see too,” said Yates.

If you need bike repairs, a tune-up or want to try getting a new bike, see local bike shop locations across the Spokane area.