Local band takes to YouTube to perform through COVID pandemic

SPOKANE, Wash. — Smash Hit Carnival has roots in Spokane, and even though some of the members have traveled the world, they found their way back home. Now, they’re performing for their own community.

They’ve been playing together across the Inland Northwest for a few years now, and a couple of them even played together a few decades ago.

“It would have been 1997,” recalled Kevin Dodson.

Typically, this group stays busy in our community playing at corporate events, casinos, private parties, and weddings. At the onset of COVID though, live performances fell flat almost overnight. Determined to keep playing and keep performing, they decided to stream their performances on YouTube.

“Idle hands don’t work really well for me. I get lost in myself, said Charles Swanson. “Having something to focus on and work, really kind of feeds our soul.”

“We at least get to come here and stand in an environment that looks like a stage to us,” said Jerry Kreider.

Jani Bers has been the mastermind behind creating the production for each of their live songs and performances, prioritizing a background that would feel special — for the band and the fans.

Slowly, but surely, they’re picking back up. They’ll be performing live Memorial Day weekend in Idaho. Despite that, they’re taking steps forward in creating their own originals.

“A lot of guys are hanging it up right now,” said Dodson. “Not us.”

Hear them play on their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.