Local artist selling signs to show support for Dr. Lutz

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local artist is printing hundreds of yard signs to show support for Dr. Lutz. The person who designed them says he’s concerned about the lack of transparency from the health district. 

A bizarre press conference last Friday provided no answers. 

Spokane Regional Health Administrator Amelia Clark said Dr. Bob Lutz was no longer employed as the county health officer. We later learned that Clark tried to fire Lutz, citing performance issues. 

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“It was a surprise and truly in the midst of a pandemic and an election season and all those things it just didn’t seem right given the spike in cases in our region,” said Josh Cleveland. 

He has appreciated Dr. Lutz’s leadership throughout the pandemic and he’s not alone. After Friday’s press conference, a group of protesters gathered outside the Spokane Regional Health District Office to support Lutz. 

Cleveland is seeing that support growing around Spokane. 

“It’s been really encouraging to see a bunch of homemade signs in our neighborhood and knowing that Dr. Lutz sees those and I wanted to know if anyone was doing anything on a bigger scale,” said Cleveland. 

Cleveland designed a yard sign and is teaming up with local print artist Kay McGlocklin. 

“She decided to donate part of her services to this in honor of Sally Jackson, a legend in Spokane who died earlier this week,” said Cleveland. 

The signs are $5.50, which covers the cost of materials. 

“As if anyone needs another sign in their yard, but this was a way to show some support,” said Cleveland. “Also for the health district and other leaders in our community to know that our community cares and we deserve to be part of this conversation.” 

More than 110 signs have been ordered. You can order one by emailing lutzyardsign@gmail.com

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