Local artist creates designs to help raise funds for Spokane Parks & Rec

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you’ve seen any vintage prints of iconic Spokane spots, chances are they were done by local artist, Chris Bovey. He has dozens of designs, and he’s recently added more.

We all have our favorite spots in Spokane, but Bovey brought them to life in his designs.

“Then they just stand there and point. Like, ‘Oh, my dad worked at Playfair and my dad worked at Keizer or whatever,’ you know, Washington Water Power. And it’s like time travel. All of a sudden they go back. It’s nostalgia, you know,” Bovey said.

A time travel to a simpler time. That’s the goal Bovey wishes to accomplish in each piece.spoka

“And especially during these, I think we could all use more nostalgia. Like more simple things, you know what I’m saying? And keeping it simple, you know,” Bovey said.

Bovey created each print at home, right in his own laundry room.

“It’s extremely humble. You know what I’m saying? Like. I don’t think of myself as this big artist,” Bovey said.

His designs are a love letter to the place he comes from.

“So even though it looks like R2D2 or trash cans. It’s ours. You know what I’m saying? It’s Spokane. You know what I’m saying? And it reminds you of home. You see that building and you think, oh that’s home. You know,” Bovey said.

His newest collection is in partnership with Spokane Parks and Recreation.

“How do you take a park like Manito that everybody knows and view it in a new light. This was kind of a new challenge for me,” Bovey said.

A challenge, but he did it. 12 parks, 12 prints, and 12 memories.

“You have no idea what this piece means to me. This, anything like that. Sometimes they are in tears, you know. So I am grateful. I am extremely grateful,” Bovey said.

If you’re not looking for a new print for your home, there’s also the Spokane Parks and Recreation calendar with Bovey’s 12 park prints inside. These will also go to benefit local parks.

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