Local 8-year-old has big goals of competing in Olympics

SPOKANE, Wash. — Sophia McCain is a local 8-year-old with some big aspirations.

The third-grader lives just outside Mt. Spokane and knows what she wants to do when she grows up: compete in the Olympics.

Sophia’s an avid skier and is already ranked in her age group. The slalom is Sophia’s home away from home, as she’s been hitting the slopes since she was three. Despite being playing three sports, she already has her eyes on a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

McCain’s parents say they will help Sophia reach her Olympic dreams by any means. They believe that with hard work and dedication, she could represent Team USA one day.

“Sophia does gymnastics,” they said. “She does play basketball but we pulled her out of that because it conflicts with the ski schedule.”

They know it will be an expensive and time-consuming process, but they persevere. Sophia is willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to race down a mountain on a global stage.

“Before my race, like when I’m at the start, I’m really nervous,” said Sophia. “But then when I get racing I’m excited.”

There definitely is pressure, but the real nerves come with age. For Sophia, friends turn into competitors until she reaches the bottom of the slopes.

“Man, you get butterflies,” said her father John. “I’ve watched them at the start line and you are just nervous for them.”

Sophia’s potential is apparent, and she’s ready to make the Olympic podium. It will take some time, but she’s confident that her skiing skills will reach an Olympic level.

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