LIST: Keeping track of COVID-19 in local school districts

SPOKANE, Wash. — As students head back to the classroom, local schools are doing their best to make sure those students stay as safe as possible- and that means keeping parents in the loop. 

Several school districts and universities have implemented COVID-19 dashboards to help with contact tracing efforts and to make it easier for you to track positive cases at schools. Keep reading for the latest information: 

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Central Valley School District

As of Tuesday, 35 people connected to Central Valley schools have tested positive over a two-week period. Of those cases, only one was confirmed to have originated from a school within the district. That case was connected to Liberty Creek Elementary. 

You can visit the dashboard HERE

Mead School District 

At Mead schools, 39 students and staff members have tested positive over a two-week span as of Tuesday. 11 of those cases have been linked to elementary schools. 

The school’s COVID dashboard includes the latest information. 

Spokane Public Schools 

The latest data from Spokane Public Schools shows 19 confirmed cases in the district, linked to Arlington Elementary, Bemiss, Franklin, Garfield, Longfellow, Mullan Road, Whitman, Wilson Elementary, Sacajawea Middle School, Ferris High School, Lewis & Clark and North Central.

According to a COVID-19 dashboard released by SPS, only one of those cases originated inside the school.

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Currently, 64 people are in isolation.

The dashboard shows a breakdown of people who have tested positive within each building, as well as how many staff and students were exposed to someone with a confirmed case.

The dashboard also shows how many people are in quarantine, and if contact tracers have determined any confirmed cases of transmission based on individual schools.

You can view the dashboard HERE.

West Valley School District

The district’s dashboard is updated each Friday. As of last week, there are two COVID-19 cases over a two-week span at West Valley schools. Both are linked to staff Seth Woodard Elementary and both are in isolation, as well as a staff member at Orchard Center Elementary..

CLICK HERE to view the dashboard.



Gonzaga University

Gonzaga’s testing data is updated each Monday to reflect positive cases from the week before. 

According to its dashboard, 45 students and staff have tested positive over the last two weeks. A graph shows an overall positivity rate of 1.13-percent at the university. 

You can view a full breakdown of tests HERE

Eastern Washington University 

A COVID-19 dashboard on the university’s website shows a breakdown of positive cases in employees, as well as students currently residing on campus, those who were learning on campus when they tested positive, and students living in Cheney participating in full online learning. 

In the last two weeks, 13 students and staff members have tested positive for COVID-19, a total of 182 since the first case was reported in May

The latest data shows the majority of cases are linked to students who live in Cheney, but do not live in on-campus housing. Fraternities and sororities have been a part of the spike.

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CLICK HERE to view a full breakdown. 


Coeur d’Alene School District

Coeur d’Alene schools are bringing students at Coeur d’Alene, Lake City and Venture High Schools back to a hybrid learning model due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

According to their dashboard, 18 people have tested positive and 243 have had to isolate in the last two weeks. Most recently, 23 close contacts at Canfield Middle School were forced to quarantine.

More information can be found on the district’s COVID-19 dashboard. 

Post Falls School District

The district’s dashboard is updated every Wednesday. As of last update, 14 people have tested positive for COVID-19, though it is not reported how many close contacts are in quarantine as a result.

CLICK HERE to see the latest update on the district’s dashboard.


This list will be updated as more districts release information. 

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