Lime scooters and bikes will soon be off Spokane streets

Lime scooters and bikes will soon be off Spokane streets
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Lime will now have employees patrol through downtown Spokane to ensure people are riding in the proper places. 

Lime scooters and bikes will soon be vanishing from Spokane streets.

City of Spokane’s WheelShare program, which is operated by Lime, said its services will pause November 17. The City of Spokane said their contract with Lime lists November 24 as the very last day scooters and bikes need to be removed.

Over the next few weeks, the bikes and scooters will be removed from the streets in preparation for this winter.

They will keep vehicles downtown and in neighborhood business districts, for the most part, until the deadline.

According to the City, over 600,000 Lime rides have been taken since the program launched, and over 700,000 miles have been driven.

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The City has created local partnerships during the Wheelshare program to improve the Lime experience – including the Lime Access Equity program, free helmet distribution and the launch of Lime Patrol.

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The program will re-launch by March 15, 2020.