Lime launches patrol service in downtown Spokane

Lime launches patrol service in downtown Spokane
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Lime will now have employees patrol through downtown Spokane to ensure people are riding in the proper places. 

Lime bikes and scooters have been a fixture in Spokane since late April, but proper riding etiquette has been a point of concern with the Spokane City Council.

Whether it’s parked on the sidewalk or cruising passed you on the street, Lime scooters are a familiar sight for anyone strolling downtown Spokane.

Lime is announcing a new patrol program that started on Monday. Lime employees will now be riding around downtown Spokane letting people know how to properly ride and park the scooters or bikes.

Director of Strategic Development Jonathan Hopkins said the company is even hiring more people for this patrol program.

Parking is one of the focal points as well as getting customers to ride on the streets and not the sidewalk.

Hopkins said if customers are riding on the sidewalk, they’ll be politely told to move over to the street.
Any actual enforcement or citation for wrongful use will still be up to the police.

All of this coincides with efforts by the City of Spokane to improve signage and foot traffic downtown, as well as move improperly parked scooters and bikes.

Members of the Lime Patrol team will be in front of the Nike Store at Main & Howard. They will be available to answer questions and provide information about Lime usage, parking guidelines, and general rules of the road.

Lime services will be affected this weekend when Hoopfest takes over downtown.

Lime launches patrol service in downtown Spokane

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