Lime Bikes are officially here!

Lime Bikes are officially here!

Starting Tuesday, people in Spokane could start using bright green bikes and scooters from the bike-share program Lime.

The city has mentioned for several weeks that Lime would be running a pilot program in Spokane. It’s now here and will remain for the next two months.

There are currently 100 bikes and 100 scooters available to rent, but Lime says it will grow the program as needed. All you have to do is download the Lime app, sign up and scan a bike with the QR reader to unlock the bike and take it for a ride.

Tuesday, many people stopped by Kendall Yards, where many of the bikes and scooters are hosted, to check out the new transportation devices.

“I’ve been excited for Spokane to get these,” said Joel Armstrong.

“We just saw them and figured we might take them for a ride,” Ricky Arnold said.

Your first ride is free, then you must log a credit card to your account for future rides. You can take the bike for as long as you want and leave it at your destination.

“I’m an avid cyclist, and anything we can do to reduce car traffic and get people to walk and bike is a win for Spokane,” Armstrong said.

Arnold and his girlfriend were walking around Kendall Yards, when they spotted the bikes and decided to be spontaneous.

“If like we’re just walking down the street, with like a girlfriend for instance, we can just pick up a bike and go for a bike ride for a random date opportunity or something, so I thought it was a cool idea,” he said.

The city is not paying to have the bikes here. The money made from rentals goes to Lime.