Lime bikes and scooters returning to Spokane streets in mid-March

Bike share meeting come up, citizens urged to attend

SPOKANE, Wash. — Lime bicycles and scooters will return to Spokane streets in just a few weeks.

Colin Quinn-Hurst, Pedestrian and Bicycle Planner, said the city is aiming for March 15, but that could vary by a few days depending on the weather.

In April 2019, the Spokane City Council approved a two-year contract that brought the rentable electronic bikes and scooters to Spokane. This will be the second year of the deal.

More than 600,000 rides were taken during the program’s first year. The City said that equated to more than 700,000 miles driven.

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Lime bikes and scooters can be used throughout the city, but are predominately used across downtown Spokane. Riders must use them in the streets of downtown Spokane and avoid riding on sidewalks. Outside of downtown, on streets with speed limits higher than 30, scooters should be ridden on the sidewalk.

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Riders are encouraged to wear helmets, but they are not required. Those interested can borrow helmets from the Visit Spokane Visitor Center.

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