Like Ponderosa Pines? This Plan’s For You

Like Ponderosa Pines?  This Plan’s For You
Like Ponderosa Pines? This Plan's For You

Growing up in Michigan, “Ponderosa” meant one thing: inexpensive buffet dining.  I didn’t see my first real-life Ponderosa Pine until I moved to Spokane in 1998.  Now, I’m surrounded by them in my old-growth neighborhood.  They’re towering, stately, and to me, epitomize the majestic natural beauty of the Inland Northwest.  

Now, there’s a plan to bring more Ponderosas to Spokane – 10,000, to be exact.  The Lands Council’s ambitious proposal would have 500 volunteers plant 20 trees apiece in a single day.  To pay  for “Reforest Spokane Day,” the Lands Council needs your vote to win a community improvement contest sponsored by Tom’s of Maine, the natural beauty products company.

Among other things, the Lands Council says 10,000 additional Ponderosas would provide more areas of much-needed shade in our city, reduce traffic noise, and create a more beautiful Spokane.  You can read about the plan on the Land’s Council’s website.  And if you think it’s a good idea, there’s a link to vote for it.  

Right now, “Reforest Spokane” is beating out dozens of competing plans from across the country, but there’s still a week to go before the polls close.

On a side note, if you’re ever in the Midwest and are looking for a decent T-bone under $10 (including sundae bar), try the other Ponderosa.