Mumps outbreak grows

SPOKANE, Wash. - The mumps outbreak continues to grow in Spokane County.

Today, the Spokane Regional Health District confirmed that exclusion letters went out to 6 additional Spokane schools.  That brings the total to 14 in the district.

The health district says in the event there are multiple cases at a specific school, kids who have not had the vaccine, or can't otherwise prove they're immune, will be asked to stay home from school for up to 25 days, starting 12 days after the first exposure at that specific school.

According to Spokane Public Schools, 346 students have been excluded because of mumps including 129 new students from today's exclusions.

Today's exclusion letters went out to 5 elementary schools (Longfellow, Bemiss, Adams, Roosevelt  and Whitman) and Sacajawea Middle School.